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Electric Vehicles to Decrease Roadway Funding by $87 Billion: Will Pothole Repairs Suffer?

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Electric Vehicles Forecasted to Decrease Roadway Funding by $87 Billion: Will Pothole Repairs Suffer?

As the United States strives to seamlessly integrate electric vehicles (EVs) into its economy, a concerning issue has emerged. Recent reports are sounding the alarm on a potential sharp decline in transportation revenue, attributing it to the accelerating process of electrification.

The Declining Backbone of Funding for Pothole Repairs & Beyond

Pothole Repairs Pothole Repair Man Fixing Pothole

Motor fuel taxes have long served as the backbone of funding for crucial road projects including pothole repairs. In many states, these taxes represent the leading source of transportation funding, accounting for 52% percent of revenue and 82% of contributions to the federal highway fund in states such as Illinois.

Pothole Repairs In Jeapardy: Transportation Revenues by Source

A Loss Of $87 Billion by 2050

States face an even greater loss of gas tax revenue in the future due to the combined impact of EV adoption and improved fuel efficiency in conventional vehicles. Forecasts indicate that state gas tax revenue could decline by a staggering $87 billion by 2050.

Searching for Solutions:

States nationwide are actively contemplating solutions to address this revenue shortfall. Some options being considered include raising gas taxes, although experts suggest that such a move may lead to reduced consumption and prove ineffective. Another potential approach under discussion is the implementation of a mileage tax specifically for EVs. The absence of a definitive solution has left policymakers grappling with the complexities of this issue, putting the funding for roadway restoration, including vital pothole repairs, in jeopardy.

Shrinking Budgets Call For Permanent Repairs

In the meantime, municipalities are faced with the challenge of making their budgets stretch further. One apparent solution lies in adopting a strategy that emphasizes permanent fixes for road repairs, such as pothole repairs, rather than repeatedly revisiting the same repair sites at increasing costs. This is where American Road Patch comes into play. By applying this innovative product over a conventional filled pothole repair, the life of the repair is extended by years, or even indefinitely. Imagine the positive impact this could have on strained budgets and the number of potholes that could be effectively addressed with shrinking resources.

Game-Changing Approach To Repairs

American Road Patch offers a game-changing approach to pothole repairs. Its unique properties provide long-lasting results that municipal authorities desperately need. By investing in American Road Patch, municipalities can achieve the following benefits:

  • Cost Savings: The extended lifespan of pothole repairs means fewer resources are required for frequent repairs, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Municipalities can allocate their limited budgets more effectively by reducing the need for frequent revisits to the same repair sites, allowing them to address a greater number of potholes within their financial constraints.

  • Improved Infrastructure: By utilizing American Road Patch, municipalities can provide motorists with smoother, safer roads, minimizing accidents, and ensuring a more enjoyable driving experience.

How does it work?

American Road Patch has test sites that are going on 8+ years in all conditions.

how it works | pothole repairs

  • Our patented technology uses a high-strength fiberglass grid that successfully keeps water out

  • The peel-and-seal patch forms an impenetrable seal with the road & gets stronger over time

  • Weatherproof, plow proof, sweeper proof

The transition to electric vehicles presents a pressing challenge to transportation revenue, particularly due to the decline in motor fuel taxes. While policymakers grapple with finding a suitable solution, municipalities can maximize their budgets by adopting efficient and long-lasting road repair and pothole repair methods.

American Road Patch offers an innovative approach to pothole repairs, extending the lifespan of repairs and enabling municipalities to tackle more road maintenance projects despite shrinking budgets. By investing in permanent solutions like American Road Patch, municipalities can overcome the hurdles of the electric vehicle era and pave the way for a smoother, more efficient transportation network.

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