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Navigating Pothole Repairs: Should Municipalities Contract Out?

Municipalities in every city, especially smaller communities, grapple with a common dilemma: allocating adequate resources for maintaining and repairing potholes. The longer these issues linger, the harder and pricier they become to address.

While most municipalities outsource services like paving, line striping, and crack filling, they traditionally handle pothole repair in-house.

However, with rising costs in labor, materials, and equipment, alongside growing responsibilities for most Department of Public Works (DPWs), many are turning to outsourcing contractors instead.


asphalt bag icon

1. Procuring costly cold patch material.

asphalt truck

2. Transporting and applying this material, usually from a dump truck or pickup.

shovel for tamping down asphalt

3. Filling the pothole and tamping it down with the back of a shovel.

icon for recurring pothole repairs

4. Unfortunately, revisiting the same repair multiple times due to the initial fix's inefficacy.

Pros of Outsourcing Pothole Patching

Expertise on Hand

A professional contractor will possess the necessary expertise and experience to ensure high-quality repairs.

Reduced Complaints

With better repair quality, municipalities can expect a decline in citizen grievances regarding potholes.

Resource Optimization

Redirect municipal labor and equipment resources to other pivotal tasks within the community.

Crafting an Effective Bid Specification with American Road Patch

For those municipalities considering outsourcing their pothole patching, a detailed bid specification is a must. Here’s what should be front and center:

Materials Matter

Explicitly request the use of American Road Patch for sealing filled potholes. Known as the longest-lasting pothole solution available on the market, American Road Patch boasts a track record that stands out. With case studies showcasing its effectiveness in real-life scenarios, repairs have been found to last for 8+ years and still counting. This not only testifies to the product's durability but also provides municipalities with the assurance of a stellar return on their investment. By insisting on American Road Patch, communities are championing both longevity and unmatched quality in their pothole repair solutions.

Uphold High Standards

The bid should emphasize strict standards, from preparing the repair area to the application of American Road Patch. American Road Patch offers detailed installation guidelines that ensure extended durability of repairs. This can be found in the “Distributor Resources” section of the website.

Service Clarity

Clearly outline expected response times and operational hours to meet the community's timely needs.

The Final Word

The internal vs. outsourcing pothole patching debate is complex. Yet, a constant remains: the indispensable value of American Road Patch.

Whether municipalities handle repairs in-house or rely on external expertise, integrating American Road Patch is imperative for a lasting repair, saving time, money, and freeing up municipality resources for other projects.

When used over the filled pothole, it seals the repair against environmental threats, establishing a durable bond. With its correct application, the need for revisits is entirely eliminated, heralding it as a truly reliable and cost-effective solution. The collective goal is unambiguous: resilient, smoother roads for all.

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