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Peel & Seal American Road Patch

The Best Pothole Repair

& Roadway Restoration on the Market

About Us

A patented

solution for potholes

and beyond.

The Longest Lasting Pothole Repair Solution

The peel and seal American Road Patch is a multi-layered patch that goes on top of repairs to form a lasting bond, sealing in the repair and keeping the elements out. thus creating a long-lasting, if not permanent, repair.

Gone are the days of revisiting the same pothole again and again, ARP (American Road Patch) allows you to repair a pothole and move on to other projects.

  • Patented technology

  • Uses a high-strength fiberglass grid that successfully keeps water out

  • Forms an impenetrable seal with the road & gets stronger over time

  • The most durable and lasting pothole repair product available.

  • American Road Patch has emerged as the ultimate pothole repair product, offering unmatched longevity and durability.

  • Lasting Peel and seal technology

Many roads crossing one another

Trust is earned through experience, and American Road Patch has a track record to prove its mettle. Our product has undergone rigorous testing in real-world scenarios, including pothole repair test sites that have been thriving for over eight years.

Proven Performance with Test Sites Spanning 8+ Years



Potholes & Beyond

Pothole Repair

Asphalt or concrete crack sealing and preservation

Man-hole surround sealing

Utility-cut sealing

Sealing around water utility lids

Low spot fill-in repairs

Seals alligatored asphalt

Repair of uneven bridge joints

Speed Bumps

Roadway Traction

American Road Patch Pothole Repair - Man Applying Patch

Pothole Repairs With Unmatched Durability

Why American Road Patch

Pothole Repair - Street sweeper proof

Street Sweeper Proof

Pothole Repair - Snow Plow Proof


Pothole Repair - Weather Proof


Pothole Repair - Gets Stronger Over Time - Permanent Pothole Repair

Gets Stronger
Over Time

Pothole Repair - No Downtime - Traffic Resumes Immediately
Pothole Repair - Cost Effective - Visit Repair Site Once

Traffic Resumes Immediately

Cost Effective

Street Sweeper Proof

Case Studies

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