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Patented, Time-Tested Technology

The American Road Patch is a patented technology that uses a high-strength fiberglass grid that successfully keeps water out and gets stronger over time, resulting in the most durable and lasting pothole repair product availabe.

How It Works

The prevalence of potholes and roadway issues can be largely attributed to the infiltration of water, which compromises the structural integrity of the road.


American Road Patch (ARP) distinguishes itself as the premier pothole repair product by employing an advanced, patented technology that effectively combats this problem.


Through the utilization of a fiberglass reinforced grid and specialized materials that embed into the roadway itself, ARP creates a completely waterproof, preventing further deterioration.


Notably, what sets ARP apart from competing products is its unique characteristic of progressive reinforcement over time. This feature ensures that ARP not only mitigates existing damage but also gradually strengthens, making it a superior and enduring solution in the market.

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