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Frequently Asked Questions

What specialty equipment or training is required for installation? There is no specialized equipment required to install American Road Patch, and no specific training is needed, but a tamper is highly recommended.

Will American Road Patch stand up against a snow plow? American Road Patch has been installed on pavements throughout the US, performing through multiple seasons, freeze-thaw cycles, ice, and snow. When specific guidelines and instructions are followed, we have not seen snow plows dislodge the patches. American Road Patch is not indestructible but is incredibly durable when applied properly.

What is the recommended fill material? American Road Patch works well with hot asphalt and all types of cold patch products.

How long must the roadway be closed after installation of American Road Patch? The roadway can be opened to traffic immediately after installation. Traffic enhances the embedment of American Road Patch because it is designed to become part of the pavement.

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