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American Road Patch

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American Road Patch is proud to introduce the most revolutionary product in roadway repair. We are committed to supporting your success in selling our innovative solution and contributing to the creation of safer roads worldwide. As your trusted partners, we are here to assist you in every way possible.


Please reach out to us for any assistance you may need. Additionally, we encourage you to utilize the resources below for educational purposes.

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American Road Patch Installation Instructions

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Product Description

American Road Patch embeds into the roadway forming a waterproof seal, extending the life of repairs. Unlike traditional methods, American Road Patch is a cost-effective product that properly contains, strengthens, and seals potholes, cracks, and utility cut repairs – while keeping water out! Features & Benefits: * Easy to apply - no special trucks or equipment needed * High-strength fiberglass grid reinforced * Bonds to both asphalt and concrete * Patented technology * Plow & street sweeper resistant * Complete repairs without shutting down the roadway * Weather-proof * Gets stronger over time




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