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ARP IN GREECE | Macon: American Road Patch - The revolution in pavement repair

American Road Patch is revolutionizing pothole repairs globally! We're excited to share an article from a prominent Greek media outlet that highlights ARP's groundbreaking approach to road maintenance. Dive into the details and see how we're setting new standards in long-lasting road repairs around the world.

This article has been translated into English. Originally posted in Greek on ypodomes:



THE PROBLEM Potholes are the most frequent type of failure found in asphalt pavements in Greece. These are essentially holes / basins of various sizes and shapes in the road surface. They are mainly due to weaknesses in the asphalt mixture or pavement structure, such as lack of binding material in the asphalt mixture, reduced thickness of the asphalt layer, local failure of the layers (mainly the base) during construction and insufficient road drainage. In addition, any damage to the water supply network or the presence of stagnant water can cause the asphalt to give way.

CONVENTIONAL REPAIR METHOD The conventional repair method, which is applied by the vast majority, is to clean the pothole and fill it with hot or cold (bagged or not) asphalt mixture. To a lesser extent, pothole restoration may involve squaring and cutting it so that there is healthy, lateral layer material. In any case, this method has as its main disadvantage (and because of this limited life time and recurrence of the problem) the impossibility of preventing water from entering the "joints" of the interface of new, repair asphalt mixture and existing road surface. This results in water ingress into the repair mass, which (with freeze-thaw cycles) causes the failure to re-occur and pit formation ultimately resulting in a perpetual, vicious cycle of repairs/restorations.

THE SOLUTION The Saint-Gobain Adfors American Road Patch came to solve the above problem, combining convenience with efficiency. It is essentially an innovative, high-tech, self-adhesive, bituminous membrane that effectively seals the repaired surface of the road surface, incorporates in this with the result of extending the lifetime of the repair up to 10 times compared to the conventional repair methods mentioned above. It is extremely easy to apply as no special equipment or machinery is required, whilst minimizing downtime to complete the repair. To these is added the extremely high resistance of the material to scraping by snow removal machines due to its excellent integration into the asphalt surface.

Listed below is an indicative range of applications for the material: – Repairs to potholes – Sealing cracks and joints – Sealing of incisions – Perimeter protection and sealing of manholes – Old striping cover – Fixing irregularities in bridge joints

The American Road Patch is available from MACON ATEE , exclusive agent of Saint Gobain Adfors in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.


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