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Storms Bring Onslaught of Potholes to CA. Pothole Repair Technology from ARP Can Help.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With the much-needed winter rains we received in the last few weeks here in California comes the onslaught of potholes on our roadways.

From Los Angeles to Fresno, and all the way up north drivers are reporting damage to their vehicles. Many times accompanied by thousands of dollars in damage with the average repair setting drivers back about $600, according to AAA.


American Road Patch Permanent Pothole Repair
Step 1: Fill pothole will desired material

Even major news outlets have taken notice of the exceptionally dire conditions. LA Times reports "In Los Angeles, requests for pothole repairs have soared as downpours have crumbled streets. Since Dec. 30, there have been 2,407 potholes reported on Los Angeles roads, with 722 this weekend alone. So far, 812 of those reported have been fixed, said Elena Stern, a spokesperson for the Department of Public Works."1

LA Times also takes note of the reason so

STEP 2: Apply the American Road Patch, sealing in the repair, creating a permanent bond, and keeping the water out.

many potholes are popping up: "The two vital ingredients in pothole creation are traffic and water, according to a report from the American Public Works Assn. The weight of cars creates cracks atop asphalt that allow water to seep in, weakening the sub-base and soil underneath until further traffic pushes the top layer down into those below."1

Conventional Pothole Repairs Are Not Working

What has yet to be mentioned is a true, permanent solution for this problem. Unfortunately, it's clear that what the hardworking crews have been doing up to this point does not stand the test of time (or storms).

Why American Road Patch's Permanent Pothole Repair Works

The solution has always been to keep the water out of the repair, and that is exactly what the new technology by a company called American Road Patch does. By applying their cost-efficient patch, the vicious cycle of pothole repair can come to an end. Problem areas are addressed once (instead of many times) by sealing and containing the fill material. This results in a repair that will last for years, if not permanently. When storms come, water will not be able to permeate the patch and get down to the fill, resulting in pothole repairs that stay intact throughout all seasons.

Time-Tested Pothole Repair

Tested at the world-renowned NCAT (National Center for Asphalt Technology), the American Road Patch received marks for outstanding performance and durability.

Imagine the environmental and fiscal impact of implementing this highly effective new technology.

Without having to return to the same pothole time and time again, city resources would be freed up for additional repairs and other roadways. What's more, not having to play whack-a-mole with potholes all year will also save an innumerable amount of renewable and non-renewable resources. Instead of using asphalt and repair-associated fossil fuels countless times for one-pothole, with this new technology, resources will only be used once per repair.

Why isn't this being used by my city? American Road Patch is hard at work to distribute this technology worldwide. If you think your city can benefit from ARP, we urge you to contact your local government or the department of transportation.

See ARP in action in this video (1:34 min) or IG reel here (less than 30 seconds).


SOURCE American Road Patch

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